Gone are the days of the tradi

Who doesn't love a gift with thought behind it? Here's a way to thank your chosen few for standing by your side as you say, "I do!"

Who doesn’t love a gift with thought behind it?

Gone are the days of the traditional guestbook. Now couples are creating keepsakes as unique as their love.

A nice way to cater to guests of all ages and musical tastes is to hire both artists who play live, as well as a DJ.

Incorporate a little taste of seaside life into your wedding day wit

Incorporate a little taste of seaside life into your wedding day with creative gifts for guests. 

Incorporate a little taste of seaside life into your wedding day wit

It’s not certain what anyone wishes for, but if your wedding day turns out to be a rainy one, don’t let it spoil your fun!

Instead of having guests throw the traditional hand-full of rice as you and yours make your official walk up the aisle as a married pair, consider

Be sure to keep the music level to a minimum during prep shoots so that natural audio and meaningful exchanges between the wedding party and the br

Most bands you hire to play for your reception will also have members qualified to play for your ceremony and cocktails.

Outdoor weddings can have lots of background noise, especially on the beach (people, wind, waves, birds, planes).

Outdoor weddings are the norm this time of year, but so is the unpredictability of the sun and its scorching rays.

We lo

Communicate, all the time, face-to-face.

"If using a microphone during your wedding ceremony, don’t forget to install fresh batteries and do a mic check… 'Check 1-2-3' … to be sure the vol

"Weather on the peninsula can change dramatically and having a well-rehearsed plan for in

Looking for a stylist for the big day?

Incorporate a little taste of seaside life int

When planning your wedding day details, don’t forget about lighting.

If you’re planning an outdoor ceremony, find out what time the sun s

Incorporate a little taste of seaside life into your wedding day with a fun favor for guests.

When it comes to what’s hot right now, food stations are a hit...

Spring is the time when all the things that were dormant and dull throughout the cooler months begin to show signs of life.

If you're recently engaged, chances are you are rearing to get into everything wedding planning-related.

In the months and weeks leading up to your wedding, keep a running list of your favorite songs to share with your DJ.

Looking for a sweet way to ask your best gal pals to stand by you while you marry the love of your life? 

At one of our favorite 2015 nuptuals, Real Wedding couple

Your wedding is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life, so why not celebrate it that way? 

Incorporate a little taste of seaside life into your wedding day with a creative gift for gu

When choosing your wedding cake, don't make any "official" decisions about style or design until all decisions regarding your dress style and recet

"Talk to one and other. Your spouse should be your best friend and the person who you go to first to discuss all things with.

Be prepared for some "No" RSVPs to your winter wedding.

Congratulations on your engagement! 

A fun idea for those who've gotten engaged over the holidays is to have a small engagement party with close family and friends.

Because weather is unpredictable during winter months, and there's always a chance of snowy and/or icy conditions, try to schedule your ceremony an

'Tis the season for fabulous hot beverages.

Visit area jewelers or antique stores to find a blue brooch that can be used as a hair piece or pinned to your bouquet.

A fun (and sweet!) way to treat your guests to a snack that could also serve as a favor for guests are custom M&M's!

One of the best things about the fall is the brisk weather that invites sweaters and woolen coats. 

Cornhole is a yard game that has swept the nation in the last few years.

We love a good signature drink.

There's something so romantic about the fall season.

A small pop of blue polish on your nails is a great way to add your "something blue."

When it comes to wedding flowers, keep in mind that a lot of blooms come from farms outside of the U.S., so it takes time to contact distributors a

(Carolina Sugar Fairy • Thomas Lunt Photography)

Try not to spend too much time or effort on searching for wedding decorations that fit a specific theme until you've chosen your venue.

Make sure you are marrying your best friend. Really take time to get to know each other and create a strong level of trust.

When planning your perfect beach wedding

If your ceremon

When planning your perfect beach wedding, you

Although the adage, "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue," date

Your invitation offers guests a first look at the overall style of your wedding.

If you're planning your reception at a seaside venue, be aware of decor that could unintentionally obstruct that million-dollar view -- especially

If you’re looking for something a little different from you’re standard plated r

Your cake can be a reflection of who you are as a couple. 

Two bakeries showcase how little touches can make for a WOW! wedding cake.

Don't get caught up in details. Focus on the day as a whole, and don't let one or two details deter your happiness.

Picking wedding colors can sometimes be as difficult as picking a wedding dress.

When planning your perfect beach wedding, you want every little detail to count.

Outdoor summer weddings are often plagued by bugs, such as gnats and mosquitos.

Let’s face it. You want your wedding to be the most amazing experience in the history of weddings.

Custom hangers for brides are a trend we've seen follow through these last few wedding seasons, and are still going strong. 

Brides: Think twice about wearing heels during your beach wedding. One misstep and you could end up in the sand.

Couples: Stick together on your wedding day.

Pick your own flowers. Enlist your bridesmaids to help gather and assemble the blooms the day before your wedding.

Should children be invited? 

"Oh, I think families should be invited... if it's a daytime wedding."

-Martha Stewart

Where there used to be intimate proposals on one knee, there are now skywriters, billboards and flash mobs.

There’s a phone app we use quite a bit when we’re on the go — PhotoGrid — to create quick and easy photo collages for our social media platforms.

As is tradition, many brides gift their dear friends and bridal party with a gift or two to thank them for standing by their side on the big day. 

Have a day in between the wedding and honeymoon. Leaving the day after your wedding to go on an international honeymoon is stressful.

To save money on wedding decor, buy flowers from local farmers' markets and arrange them yourself using vases from flea markets or antique stor

“Yes, you will cry. Just accept it. You, tough guy, will shed wedding tears.

Give the newlyweds some words of advice on their wedding day by having a framed dry erase board available.

Having a beach wedding but don't know what to give your guests as a favor? 

Instead of having the traditional wedding cake, consider ordering a small single or two-tiered cake for pictures, and then serving your guests a se

When planning your perfect beach wedding, you want every little detail to count.

When meeting with your venue, be sure to discuss delivery, set-up, break-down and pickup times and procedures for vendors.

Anyone who calls the beach “home” knows that seaside storms bring the best oceanic finds to the shoreline.

The spring is the most popular time of year for weddings for a number of reasons.

Margaritas are one of our favorite drinks, here at Seaside Bride. There's just something about the sweet taste that reminds us of spring.

When planning your perfect beach wedding, you want every little detail to count.

There are a few people you'd like to have individual photos with on your wedding day.

Since February is the month of love, why not serve up a delicious (and rosy)

Choose a "theme" and stick to it: rustic, vintage, classic romance, or (our fave) seaside celebration. Then delete all others from your Pinterest!

Just because you're busy planning your beach wedding doesn't mean you shouldn't take the time to celebrate Valentine's Day in a special way.

The most popular months to get married are June, Setember, and October.


Rent a sizable house that can serve as a wedding venue, reception area and housing for the bridal party or out-of-town guests.

Who else fell in love with

Happy 2016, friends!

Winter wedding guests can still enjoy the beach with a winter sea breeze

Want to make your exit as dramatic as your entrance?

Chances are you and yours learned about love from those around you. 

Planning your wedding and looking for some inspiration?

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A fun and crafty bridal shower game that won't cost you (or your bridesmaids) a lot of money and time is the toilet paper dress design challenge.

We love a good DIY project, and when you're budgeting for a wedding every penny counts.


This month's drink of the month is thanks to the work of Janice from 

Showing guests you're "a perfect match" is great way to save some dollars and give a favor that everyone in attendance will truly use.

Have a "day-of" planner to bring it all together.

Perfect for fall or winter weddings, this mint chocolate chip martini will make all your chocolate-loving guests ask for seconds. 

"Beach ceremonies are the quintessenital moment for a destination wedding.

Terracotta planters make for a wonderful thank you gift or attendance gift at a shower or wedding.

BRIDES: Don't skip the makeup trial! And afterward, take photos in a settting with lighting similar to that of your wedding venue.

Register for wedding gifts in a wide range of prices, or choose individual items rather than sets, as with pots and pans, for instance.

With Halloween right around the corner, we've chosen some of our favorite (and iconic) TV and film couples that would make for fun Halloween costum

Save money on flowers by choosing "low" arrangements to use as centerpieces.

Always By My Cider

Couples: Plan your "first dance" early in the evening. Guests will often refrain from dancing until after the bride and groom have hit the floor.

Orange Crush

"Couples should look for someone who matches the style they like and look at complete bodies of work from the photographer.

"Let your guests know where you're honeymooning.

Ladies: Don't go dress shopping alone!

Let's be honest--guys aren't typically fans of the garter toss. But what if you make it a 'sport?'

One Coastal bartender Mike Nuttle created Wicked Fen, a suprisingly delicious combin

Planning a seaside wedding?

Have a good idea of the approximate number of guests you'll invite before setting on a venue.

When getting ready to st

BRIDES: Have your bra sewn into your wedding gown.

In the age of Pinterest, many couples are looking for fun DIY projects to help save a few dollars when planning

Check clothing stores near holidays (specifically, Easter) for dress attire for kids.

Wedding Tip Tuesday: Create an email address for all wedding correspondence. it will help keep planning separate from everyday communication.

When getting ready to start the rest of your life with your partner, most want to begin that journey in her bes

"I'm RSVPing... with guest." Some people think it's OK to bring a plus-one, even if a guest wasn't included on the invitation.

It's heating up at the beac

Don't forget to feed your vendors on the big day: wedding planner, phototgrapher, musicians... Work their meals into your overall wedding budget.

Chalkboard signs are all the rage right now, and many couples are using the handcrafted signs to add a personal

When getting ready to start the rest of your life with your partner, most want to begin that journey in the bes

Cut costs by ordering a faux wedding cake. Fake cakes look the same as real cakes, but cost much less!

With spring officially here, One Coastal owner Carlie Carey recomments couples serve "Just Married" mojitos as their signature drink.

OUTDOOR CEREMONIES: If there's a chance Mother Nature's blessing of a beautiful wedding day could also mean scorching temperatures, offer wedding p

Before sending RSVP cards, write a small number on each one that corresponds to a guest.

Do you really love the service you received from a particular vendor? 

When getting ready to start the rest of your life with your partner, most want to begin that journey in the best physical shape.

Wedding Tip Tuesday

With spring just around the corner, this twist on a belini, suggested by Papa Grande's Bar Manager Nick Morris,

To add a little more personalization to a favor—be it for the bridal shower, bachelorette party, or the wedding day—try making heart-shaped sugar c

When getting ready to start the rest of your life with your partner, most want to begin that journey in the best physical shape.

February is the month of love… and chocolate!