Try on your favorite engagement ring


There’s daily chat-chat over here at the Delaware Seaside Bride headquarters about beach weddings — ours, yours, imaginary. Seems we’re always planning something — our wedding, your wedding, an imaginary one — and it really doesn’t take much to make us to dissolve into a puddle of sugary sweet daydreams and a chorus of “Awwws.”


Our most recent discussion revolved around engagement rings. And guess what? There truly is an app for that.

The Tiffany & Co. Engagement Ring Finder is an app designed for mobile devices (iOS and Android platforms), and available on iTunes, or in your App Store or Google Play.


According to the iTunes promo, you can “browse diamond rings, view actual carat weights, determine your ring size and discover why a Tiffany engagement ring is worthy of your eternal love.”

But according to our in-depth, super sophisticated research, what you can actually do is spend an hour (let’s be honest, probably more) “trying on” some of the most gorgeous rings ever designed without ever leaving your home — or without even being engaged, for that matter.

The app allows you to browse collections of engagement rings, wedding bands and ring pairings, then virtually try them on by snapping a photo of your hand from your mobile device. All for free. There’s also information about Tiffany diamonds, and you can schedule an appointment at a nearby store.

One suggestion: dive into this app after work, not during, because we promise you will get lost in all that glitter and gold. You won’t be able to try just one.