Spring Bridal Showers

The spring is the most popular time of year for weddings for a number of reasons. The weather gives you options not available during the potentially hot summer months or unpredictable winter and fall. 

For the most part, you can count on spring’s mild temperatures and its steady weather patterns — especially in late spring. 

The spring also gives you flexibility when it comes to planning a bridal shower. Friends of the bride have long put their heads together to pull off a memorable shower experience that all involved parties remember for years to come. 

Here are some of the most important things to remember when throwing a shower: 

• Decide on a date that is ideal for all attendees — usually a weekend day when getting off of work isn’t an issue. 

• Choose your venue and make sure you book it months ahead of time. There’s nothing worse that having to go to your backup plan just because you didn’t plan ahead. 

• Plan (and stick to) your budget. Set a budget for the entire event and make sure you follow it during both the planning and execution phases. Your fellow bridesmaids will likely pitch in to help you avoid over-spending on this special event. 



Shower Ideas

Below are some ideas for what kinds of spring bridal showers you can plan for your friend or family member. Don’t forget to incorporate the bride’s likes and dislikes into the festivities. For example, if the outdoors isn’t really her thing, a day-long event filled with lawn games probably isn’t your best bet. Be creative, be practical and most of all be fun.


Spa Party

A spa bridal shower is a great way to relax the bride during this anxious time. Consider booking your local spa, like Vogue on 54Renaissance Med Spa at Peninsula Plastic Surgery P.C.Ocean Retreat Day Spa & Hair Studio, or Diva Nails & Spa Salon, or hiring a couple of professionals to come to you. A DIY spa station could include a massage table, a facial space and a mani-pedi seat. Be sure to play relaxing music and deck your place out with soothing decorations. 


Food Party 

What bride doesn’t love food — especially healthy food to help her stay trim and fit for her special day? Set up a food-themed party to let your guests indulge on deli sandwiches, cheese and crackers, vegetables and fruit salads. 


Perfume Bar

If your venue allows it, a perfume bar is a unique addition to your bridal shower. This is a great complement to s spa location. 

Ask the company’s management if they would permit you to put together a table area full of perfumes for sampling throughout the shower.