Shell place settings

Anyone who calls the beach “home” knows that seaside storms bring the best oceanic finds to the shoreline. After heavy winds and crushing waves, come thousands of beached seashells, driftwood and other random “OMG look what I found” goodies.

This is especially exciting for couples who are planning a seaside wedding with the beauty of all things beach-related, but with a budget that consists mostly of sand dollars.

With a little creativity, seashells can play a big part in your wedding décor, without being too overplayed or looking too, well, natural and blah.Wash shells in warm, soapy water. To give them a little extra brilliance, soak them overnight in a mixture of bleach and water. Be sure to rinse them completely before moving on to the next step.

To use as place settings, lightly write your guest’s name in pencil (so you can erase any mistakes), then go back over the name with acrylic paint. Seal the completed shell with a clear spray paint.If this seems a little time-consuming, consider using the first letter of your last name, instead. Then write the guest’s name and table number on the underside of the shell using a permanent marker.