Rehoboth Beach

Barbara Bunting (302) 227-4641

Step 1: Contact the Office of the City Manager (302-227-4641) to determine if proposed wedding date is available.

Step 2: Once the city has checked availability, complete and submit a Rehoboth Beach wedding ceremony application A non-refundable $175 deposit is required to hold the beach wedding location.

Step 3: Obtain Sussex County marriage license*

*Note: The marriage license is valid for 30 days, based on time of application. It must be used in that time period. It is only valid in the State of Delaware. The waiting period is 24 hours (based on time of application) for all applicants.


  1. Any decorations, props, flowers and/or chairs must be hand-carried and removed directly following the ceremony.
  2. Driving on the beach is prohibited.
  3. Amplification of sound is prohibited.
  4. Outdoor smoking in public places is prohibited. (Press_Release-Fresh_Air_1.pdf)
  5. No open fires on the beach.
  6. No drinking or open containers of alcoholic beverages on beach, boardwalk or public streets within the city limits.
  7. All city beach rules apply.
  8. The applicant agrees to assume all liability for any damages to City property.


Parking meter requirements are in effect from the Friday immediately preceding Memorial Day until and including the second Sunday following Labor Day, between the hours of 10 a.m. prevailing time until midnight, prevailing time of each day and apply to all parking meter zones established within the City. All 30-minute parking meter zones remain posted and are in effect for the entire year.