Grapefruit Champagne Punch

A fun idea for those who've gotten engaged over the holidays is to have a small engagement party with close family and friends. Everyone will be in town anyway, and it's a good excuse to get together and celebrate. 

We love the idea of an engagement party brunch with delicious food—both sweet and savory—while serving a delicious grapefruit champagne punch.


Grapefruit Champagne Punch


•   8 ruby red grapefruit

•   8 tablespoon Campari

•   1 bottle dry Champagne or Prosecco


Cut grapefruit in half. Slice one 1/4-inch slice from one half and cut that into four quarter rounds for garnish. Juice the grapefruit halves. Transfer to a glass measuring cup. Add 1 tablespoon Campari and stir to combine. Divide among four champagne flutes. Top with Champagne. Garnish with the grapefruit slices.

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