Fenwick Island

(302) 539-3011

Step 1: Contact the town clerk at (302) 539-3011 to request a Special Events Application form. A permit fee and a $100 refundable deposit are required. Special permission must be granted for weddings with more than 75 guests.

Step 2: Obtain Sussex County marriage license www.sussexcountyde.gov/applying-marriage-license *

*Note: The marriage license is valid for 30 days, based on time of application. It must be used in that time period. It is only valid in the State of Delaware. The waiting period is 24 hours (based on time of application) for all applicants.

Fee schedule:

  • Permit fee for up to 75 people (non-refundable) — $100
  • Permit fee for more than 75 people (non-refundable) — $25 for each group of people over 75 (requires Town Council approval)
  • Police coverage fee (nonrefundable) $100 per hour (required when more than 75 people in attendance)



  1. (1) Ceremonies are permitted as long as neither pedestrian nor vehicular traffic is obstructed.
  2. (2) The wedding party and guests should be aware that the public’s access to the beach may not be restricted for the wedding. No walking on or disturbing of the dunes is allowed.
  3. (3) The wedding event is only permitted during hours when lifeguards are not on duty (between May 15 and Sept. 15).
  4. (4) The Town of Fenwick Island does not allow chairs, tables, awnings, catering, alcohol or glass containers on the beach strand for the ceremony.
  5. (5) No outdoor speakers, lighting or bathroom facilities are permitted without the approval of the town council.
  6. The chief of police will issue a permit and authorize no more than six temporary parking permits for the date of the wedding ceremony. These parking permits may be used at the beach-end of the designated street where the wedding is to be held and must be displayed hanging from the rear view mirror of the vehicle. Arrangements for additional parking are the responsibility of the permit holder. Paid parking permits are required and enforced between May 15 and Sept. 15, and parking is at a premium during this time. Additional parking rules/regulations are available at www.fenwickisland.org/index.aspx?nid=881.